Review: Is InMotion Hosting Good For WordPress Sites?

Created on 25 March, 2024Web Hosting • 4 minutes read

InMotionhosting is a real excellent web hosting choice for WordPress blog websites. Most of your friends will advise you to choose their web hosting services.

Is InMotion hosting suitable for WordPress?

To be honest, InMotionhosting is an excellent web hosting choice for WordPress blog websites. If you’ve any friends or colleagues with websites hosted by InMotion, I believe most of them will advise you to choose their web hosting services.

Before writing this review article on the InMotion WordPress hosting service, we opened a test account with InMotion hosting to test everything personally. To date, everything is working fantastic, so we have enough reasons to recommend this company to all of our website readers.

A brief introduction to InMotion hosting:

Founded in 2001 by a group of IT talents, InMotionhosting has been a leading provider of business web hosting solutions in the industry for over a decade. InMotionhosting is a unique web host that is dedicated to providing superior web hosting services to customers worldwide at budget cost.

As for the last calculation by Inc. Magazine, there are approximately 2 million domain names under their management, with more than 500 new customers increasing every day. The company has been focused on providing high-quality Linux-based web hosting services since it was founded. No matter what you need to run on a Linux operation platform, InMotion can always provide an available web hosting solution to you. However, if your websites need to be run on a Windows-driven operating system, then InMotionhosting is out of your consideration.

As an award-winning web host, InMotionhosting has become a sample for many other competitors to study. They have won numerous awards sent by many authoritative magazines and famous review websites, e.g., Inc. Magazine awarded them as 967th fastest growing privately held corporation in the United States with a total growth of 350% during a 3-year period (2011-2014).

InMotion WordPress Hosting Features:

InMotion is highly recommended by our website editors for WordPress web hosting service:

  • 500 GB Disk Space / 5000 GB Data Transfer
  • A free domain name is included for any shared hosting
  • Free Cloudflare CDN / DDoS Attack Response
  • Softaculous with 160+ free script installer
  • 2 world-class data centres located in the West and East Sea
  • Nightly R1Soft Backups / SSD RAID 10 Drives
  • 24×7 US-based WordPress hosting support and 60-day money-back guarantee     

What are the advantages of using WordPress on InMotionhosting?

As mentioned above, we’ve tried to install WordPress on InMotionhosting, and everything is working perfectly, according to our experience. Here is a list of advantages of using InMotionhosting for WordPress web solutions.

Fastest WordPress loading speed – Server performance is always the first of the most important aspects we have to consider before selecting a reliable web host. All of the web servers offered by InMotionhosting have been optimized to run WordPress for maximum performance. Normally speaking, the WordPress websites hosted by InMotionhosting are at least 20% faster than other competitors.

WordPress free upgrades and installation – Customers can easily install WordPress via the InMotionhosting control panel, and every WordPress site supports free upgrades forever.

Hundreds of free, beautiful WordPress templates – InMotionhosting offers hundreds of stunning WordPress templates to their customers, and everybody is able to download them freely.

Professional WordPress support team – InMotionhosting has a team specialized in handling terrible issues related to WordPress. Every year, InMotionhosting invests lots of money to attract talents worldwide to join them.

Highest customer satisfaction – According to our editors’ independent investigation on the Internet and the feedback sent from their existing customers, almost all of them are very happy with using their web hosting services. When you enter “InMotionhosting problems”, “InMotionhosting issues” or “InMotionhosting complaints” on search engines, you’ll find there is no any negative reviews or bad comments about this company.

InMotionhosting Vs HostGator – Which company is better for WordPress?

indeed, choosing a better provider between the 2 best web hosts in the industry is not an easy task, so please allow me to bring you a brief comparison of these 2 hosting companies.

1st, InMotion is better for WordPress performance – As a matter of fact, we’ve tried to install WordPress on both InMotionhosting and HostGator, finally we find that the website hosted by InMotionhosting is much faster than HostGator.

2nd, InMotion is cheaper for hosting price – As you see, the cheapest hosting package offered by InMotionhosting starts from as low as $3.95 per month, and HostGator’s cheapest web hosting package for WordPress is $4.95 per month. When you renew in the next year, HostGator is also much more expensive. Its renewal price will be improved to $7.95 per month.

3rd, HostGator has become a member of EIG – In the middle of 2012, HostGator was sold to EIG for $225 million USD, we always don’t advise webmasters to choose any brands related with EIG on our review website.


InMotion is an ideal choice for WordPress hosting solutions. After reading this review article on the InMotion WordPress hosting service, I guess you should have found out whether InMotionhosting is good for WordPress sites. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to find a web host that is as good as InMotionhosting nowadays.

In the end, if you have any good suggestions about WordPress hosting solutions, you are welcome to leave a comment here or leave a message via the contact form, and we’ll reply to you back as soon as possible.




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